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95.5 KLOS is where J.B. does afternoon drive!

Don Barrett's Los Angeles Radio People site has an almost daily rundown of what's happening in the market (real news as well as who's sick, dead, looking for work, or any combination of the last three) — worth checking out.

Dan O'Day's site has more prep stuff than 95% of the industry knows exists.

Radio & Records Online provides some information for non-subscribers.

Here's a Partial Listing
of Stations that Air
OFF THE RECORD with Joe Benson

** contact your station to confirm air times **

WFXO - 105.9fm, Southside, AL
6am Sundays

KBKG - 93.5fm, Corning, AR
6pm Sundays

KAGL - 93.3fm, El Dorado, AR
1pm Sundays

KDFO - 98.5fm, Bakersfield/Delano, CA
9pm Sundays

KZRO - 100.1fm, Mount Shasta/Dunsmuir, CA
11am & 7pm Sundays

KMRJ - 99.5fm, Rancho Mirage/Palm Springs, CA
8pm Sundays

KTYD - 99.9fm, Santa Barbara, CA
8pm Sundays

KZOZ - 93.3fm, San Luis Obispo, CA
7am Sundays

KCRT - 92.5fm, Trinidad, CO
6pm Sundays

WDNN - 95.5
WNDT - 92.5
WNDN - 107.9fm, Gainesville/Ocala, FL

8am & 8pm Sundays

WSRQ - 1220am, Sarasota/Braden, FL
9pm Saturdays

WEKL - 105.7fm, Augusta, GA
6am Sundays

KECH - 95.3fm, Ketchum/Sun Valley, ID
6pm Sundays

KOZE - 96.5fm, Lewiston, ID
7am Sundays

WQLF - 102.1fm, Lena/Freeport, IL
Noon Sundays

WGKC - 105.9fm, Champaign/Urbana, IL
Noon Sundays

WQCY - 103.9fm, Quincy, IL
8am Sundays

WKYT - 105.5fm, Wilmington, IL
8am Sundays

WIMS - 1420am, Michigan City, IN
2pm Saturdays

KROS - 1340AM, Clinton, IA
10pm Saturdays

KCQQ 106.5fm
Davenport/Rock Island, IA
8pm Sundays

KLKK 103.7fm
Mason City, IA
5am Saturdays
9am Sundays

KZMZ - 96.9fm, Alexandria, LA
7am Saturdays

WKIT - 100.3fm, Bangor, ME
8am Sundays

WKGO - 106.1fm, Cumberland, MD
10am Sundays

WLAV - 96.9fm, Grand Rapids, MI
7pm Sundays

WIMK - 93.1fm Iron Mountain, MI
6am Sundays

WUPK - 94.1fm Marquette, MI
9am Fridays

KLIZ - 107.5fm, Brainerd, MN
9pm Sundays

KFMC - 106.5fm, Fairmont, MN
8am Sundays

KRXL - 94.5fm, Kirksville, MO
6pm Sundays

KOZX - 98.1fm, Mountain Grove, MO
9am Sundays

KMYK - 93.5fm, Osage Beach, MO
10am Sundays

New York
WRCD - 101.5fm, Canton, NY
11pm Sundays

WQRS - 98.3fm, Olean, NY
11pm Sundays

North Carolina
WZGV - 730am, Cramerton, NC
6am Sundays

North Dakota
KZPR - 105.3fm, Minot, ND
7pm Sundays

WONE - 97.5fm, Akron, OH
11pm Sundays

WEGE - 104.9fm, Lima, OH
6pm Saturdays

KCRX - 102.3fm, Astoria/ Seaside Falls, OR
11am Sundays

KAGO - 99.5fm, Klamath Falls, OR
7pm Sundays

KGON - 92.3fm, Portland, OR
8am Sundays

WLEM - 1250am, Emporium, PA
8am Sundays

WRKT - 100.9fm, Erie, PA
6am Saturdays

WQCM - 94.3fm, Greencastle, PA
7am Sundays

WCHX - 105.5fm, Lewistown, PA
11pm Sundays

WEGH - 107.3fm, Northumberland, PA
7pm Sundays

South Dakota
KFXS - 100.3fm, Rapid City, SD
10am Sundays

WBXE - 93.7, Baxter/Cookville, TN
9am Saturdays

WQAK - 105.7fm, Union City/Fulton, TN
9am Sundays

WQMV - 1060am, Waverly, TN
11am Thursdays

KARX - 95.7fm, Amarillo, TX
8pm Sundays

KPUS - 104.5fm, Gregory/Corpus Christi, TX
9am Saturdays
11pm Sundays

KKRW - 93.7fm, Houston, TX
6am Saturdays

KJKB - 95.5fm, Jacksboro, TX
6pm Sundays

KWFR - 101.9fm, San Angelo, TX
Noon Sundays

KRSP - 103.5fm, Salt Lake City, UT
7pm Sundays

KDUX - 104.7fm, Aberdeen, WA
9am Sundays

KZOK - 102.5fm, Seattle, WA
Midnight Sunday nights

KPKL - 107.1fm, Spokane, WA
11pm Fridays

WKLH - 96.5fm, Milwaukee, WI
9pm Sundays

WKFX 99.1fm, Rice Lake, WI
9am Sundays

KZJH - 95.3fm, Jackson, WY
9pm Sundays

KRVK - 107.9fm, Vista West/Casper, WY
9pm Sundays

MusicLinks Graphic

These are the music-related sites Uncle Joe's staff uses most often.

AC/DC's Web Site rocks!

Aerosmith's Official Site can be quite entertaining.

Aerosmith's Official Fan Club is pretty much self-explanatory.

Hitting The Web With The Allman Brothers Band is one of the best official band sites I've ever seen — it's real easy to navigate and filled with an incredible amount of real information.

One of the great Southern California bands, Ambrosia have a pretty interesting site.

Michael Anthony of Van Halen has a great site called Mad Anthony's Cafe.

Atlantic Records.

J.B.'s old buddy Carmine Appice, drummer extraordinaire, has a great site.

Randy Bachman was the driving force behind the Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive, and his Official Web site is updated on a regular basis.

Bachman Turner Overdrive without Randy Bachman is known as B.T.O., and they've actually been playing longer than the original band was together.

The Official Bad Company web site is pretty basic.

This Free, Bad Company & Paul Rodgers web site is pretty well put together.

The official Beatles's Web site is really something.

The Pat Benatar Fan Club is one of the best anywhere.

Billboard Magazine is pretty much the bible of the music biz.

Not only does Blue Oyster Cult rock harder/better now than ever, they've got one of the best sites on the Web!

This is the official Boston site.

This is not the "official" Boston, but it's served as one for many, many years and is due for a make-over.

Two words that easily define visionary: David Bowie.

It's entirely possible that this Jackson Browne Fan Site is more informative and up-to-date than the Official Jackson Browne site.

having worked with Yes, Genesis and King Crimson, Bill Bruford is much more than a drummer.

The message board on Cheap Trick's site can be quite informative.

The Official Clapton site can be quite informative.

You want "official" CCR-type stuff? Try JohnFogerty.com - The Official Site, or Creedence-Revisited.com.

The official Crosby, Stills & Nash site is excellent.

Deep Purple's - The Highway Star is updated every once in a while.

Photographer Henry Diltz is one of the best ever — you'll love his stuff!

The official Doobie Brothers site is pretty complete.

This is the official The Doors site.

Drummer Aynsley Dunbar has an excellent site, which includes some cool Zappa and Journey stories you should check out.

If you like Bob Dylan, then you need his official site.

If you want deeper Bob Dylan info, then you need to go here.

While thankfully short on bells and whistles, the official Eagles site is both fascinating and thorough.

I highly recommend this excellent Eagles fan site.

The official Electric Light Orchestra site.

Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad has a pretty good site.

Yes, there is a Fleetwood Mac Official Homepage.

John Fogerty's site rocks!

The Official Foreigner Web Site.

Peter Frampton, great guitarist, great web site.

The Official GRAMMY Awards site is very smooth.

Peter Gabriel's official site is very current and informative.

This is the "official" Genesis web site, and is definitely one of the best information sources for the group.

Pink Floyd singer/guitarist David Gilmour has a cool web site.

Foreigner singer Lou Gramm has a generally active site.

Here is the "official" Grand Funk Railroad web site.

The Official Home Page of Grateful Dead.

Sammy Hagar's official site is a treat!

Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues has a site with great graphics.

Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart have their own site.

This official Jimi Hendrix site can be an multi-media overload.

The official Don Henley site is updated on a semi-regular basis.

Jac Holzman's site Follow The Music is well worth checking out.

If you need Billy Idol, here he is!

Iron Maiden Rocks!

Mick Jagger is Rock & Roll!

Paul Kantner definitely has creative control of the Jefferson Starship's official site.

Ian Anderson's direct input to the "official" Jethro Tull site makes it one of the best anywhere.

For many years, the St. Cleve Chronicle was the best source of Jethro Tull information on the web. Pretty much dormant since mid-1999, fans should still check it out.

Of course Billy Joel has an official web site.

Here's Elton John's personal site .

The Elton John Fan site is an excellent source of info on "Hercules."

This is the official Journey site.

John Kalodner has been one of the most influential men in the record business since the Eighties.

The Kansas site is rocking.

You want your Kinks? This unofficial site and Dave Davies' personal site is as close as you'll get.


Here's The Knack's official site.

Here's Mark Knopfler's official site.

Whether or not you call it Krautrock, the Kraftwerk site is extra cool!

Alison Krauss is just astounding!

In addition to being one of the best music sites on the entire web, Electric Magic: The Led Zeppelin Chronicle is the biggest, most definitive, Led Zeppelin site I've found.

John Lodge of the Moody Blues has an excellent site.

One of the great American bands, Lynyrd Skynyrd has an excellent site.

His name is McCartney, Paul McCartney. You might know him as Macca or the Cute Beatle, but now you must go to his site.

Michael McDonald (of Doobie Brother and Steely Dan fame) has a very cool site.

John Mellencamp's Official Website is very complete.

The Steve Miller Band's Official Website is occasionally updated.

You need the Official Moody Blues site.

The Motels were one of the great L.A. Bands of the early Eighties.

Graham Nash is one of the first musicians I know of who was into computers and the internet. If you've never seen his photography, you MUST check it out!

This is the excellent, official Stevie Nicks site.

Not only was David Pack the voice of Ambrosia, he's also produced and recorded with many, many great musicians.

The official Pearl Jam site is pretty cool.

This is the best Steve Perry fan site I've found.

This is a well-assembled Steve Perry site.

You knew the official Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers would be cool.

The Brain Damage website is absolutely the best source of Pink Floyd information on the Net.

There are a lot of Pink Floyd sites on the Web, but I've found The Pink Floyd Archives to have one of the lowest B.S. factors of all. The really scary part is that it's based on Compuserve.

They say this is the Official Pink Floyd website.

The Pink Floyd Hyper Base is cool, being pure information with many links to amazon.com and no photos.

At last — The Police have a web site!

Former Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant's site is as cool as you can get.

This Police fan site is updated on a regular basis with loving care.

Pollstar Magazine is the bible of concert tours.

This Pretenders fan site is THE BEST – chock full of useful info!!

They say this is the Official Queen website.

This is not the Official Queen website, but I think it's the best.

Rave's Raves — an always interesting look at new music.

The official R.E.M. site is one of the best in design, execution and content.

This is a decent R.E.M. web site.

The official REO Speedwagon site is updated fairly often.

Rhino Records, one of the great record labels, has a very interesting site.

The Official R.I.A.A. site has a ton of VERY interesting information — definitely worth checking out!

It's the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

Paul Rodgers' official site also covers his work with Bad Company.

Gregg Rolie was a founding member of Santana and Journey and is still creating some really cool music!

The official Rolling Stones site has finally been seriously upgraded.

This Rolling Stones fan site is the best source of (usually accurate) news on the band.

"Rolling Stone" magazine's site has been greatly improved.

The official Rush site is visually pleasing and well organized, but overly dependent on Flash software (someone there needs to check out U2.com).

This classy Rush fan site has undergone some recent changes, but remains very interesting.

Yes, you need to check out the official Carlos Santana site.

You'll enjoy Timothy B. Schmit's site even more if you have a good audio system.

The Bob Seger File is unofficial but in depth and entertaining.

Steve Smith is best known as Journey's drummer, but he's also done a lot of great jazz work.

SONY Records has an interesting, if not sprawling, site.

Bruce Springsteen's Backstreets fan site/magazine has been the information source for years — even before there was a World Wide Web!

Billy Squier's official site is pretty straight forward.

The official Steely Dan site is one of the absolute best for true humor (and also some real insight into the enigmatic band)!

The John Kay & Steppenwolf site is packed with info!

Here's the official Rod Stewart site!

Stephen Stills has a very cool site!

Sting finally got his own domain and Web Site.

The official Styx Web Site - is just waiting for you (say hi to Tommy for us!).

While it's not official, The Grand Illusion.com is a pretty good Styx site.

Here's the official site of former Police guitarist Andy Summers.

This would be the official, Supertramp site that is updated every few years.

While it's not official, this Talking Heads site is a pretty good!

38 Special's site is straight to the point.

George Thorogood is Rock & Roll!

Tickets? You want tickets? Then go to Ticketmaster.

Pete Townshend of The Who has one of the best fan-friendly sites on the web. He even posts regular diary entries, which makes petetownshend.com even more compelling.

U2.com is the official site, 100% full of amazing features and tons of great information! Depending on your internet connection, this may take a while to load.

Interference.com is a great U2 fan/information site — highly recommended!

They call it The Official Van Halen Web Site.

VH1 has set up a nice site that can double as an information source.

You can tell Joe Walsh has input to his Official Joe Walsh Homepage!

Occasional Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman's site contains an incredible amount of information.

Without Roger Waters there would be no Pink Floyd.

The Who.net is one of the top fan sites on the web.

Edgar Winter has a great site.

Since Bill Wyman retired as the Rolling Stones' bassist, he's embarked on several other projects - and here's an excellent overview.

The Yardbirds were the precursor to Led Zeppelin. If they had been as well organized as this website, they would have at least collected all of the monies due them!

The Official Yes site is an excellent info source managed by the Notes From The Edge team. This is top flight stuff — both in design and in content!

Hyper Rust Never Sleeps is a pretty darn good Neil Young site (as Neil Young sites go).

Warren Zevon's official site is pretty clean and fairly informative.

After a fresh redesign, The Official ZZ Top website rocks!

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