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Uncle Joe Benson's 2007 SCCA races at California Speedway, Willow Springs and Buttonwillow.

March 10 - 11, 2007: With crew chief Jim Sleeper out of the country and Uncle Joe missing qualifying due to work commitments, it was up to ace crewman Casey Steinman to get the Uncle Joe's Nissan 300ZX ready to race Saturday afternoon at Willow Springs International Speedway. Starting from the back of the pack at "the fastest road course in the West," J.B. worked his way halfway through the field to finish 2nd in the ITE class — and his 1:37.727 lap time was his fastest ever at this track in this car! Other highlights included former ITE Champion Joe Hall (now a resident of Washington, DC) making a return to drive the Allan Ward-prepared big-bore 300Z. Between those two old friends dicing on track, and Bob 'Fireball' Spencer setting another track record in the RS class, a great time was had by all! After another 2nd place finish on Sunday, the weary Uncle Joe's Racing team heading home in first place!

(Photos by Dennis Baer, Casey Steinman and Jan Benson.)

Lining up before Saturday's race.

After missing qualifying, Joe lines up at the back of the field for Saturday's race.

Approaching turn one at speed.
Hitting turn one at speed.

Approaching Willow Springs' first turn at about 140mph
and then hitting the apex.

In Turn 3.
Spinner in the background.

Leading a Mustang through Turn 3,
and leaving a spinner behind.

Joe Hall about to smack J.B. w/checkered flag.

Did former ITE Champ Joe Hall really
smack J.B. with his flag?

Willow Springs 2007 trophies.

One of these trophies contains a beautiful
pen perfect for writing more checks!

January 27 - 28, 2007: It was a long time coming, but the brand new engine and fully refurbished car did the trick. J.B. raced the Jim Sleeper-prepared Uncle Joe's Nissan 300ZX to two ITE class wins class on the California Speedway infield road course! A great way to start the new year!

(Photos by Dennis Baer, Jim Sleeper and Jan Benson.)

Long shot of middle track.
Joe leading thru the esses.

At speed in the January 2007 CalClub SCCA California Speedway races.

Victory @CalSpdway.
Jim & Joe after winning 2 @CalSpdway.
Kids want that flag!

Celebrating their double victory,
this was the happiest crew at the Speedway!

Dan, Bob, George, Jim & J.B. celebrate.

2005 & 2006 ITE Champ Dan Pederson,
Bob 'Fireball' Spencer & his longtime crew chief George,
Jim 'Hair God' Sleeper and J.B. celebrate.

Jeremy's ready to drive.

Ready and willing to take over.


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