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Uncle Joe Benson at the 2012 National Roadster Show - January 27-28, 2011.

January 28, 2012: Good times! The Uncle Joe Meet & Greet rocked at the biggest, most important hot rod show in the world — the 63rd Annual Grand National Roadster Show at the Fairplex in Pomona.

(Photos by Jim Sleeper.)

Roadster Show sign.

Beautiful from every angle.

The 2012 America's Most Beautiful Roadster, Bill Lindig's 1927 Ford Roadster

Beautiful ulta custom '32.

Sleek in design and execution.

Killer red metal flake.
Nomad 'Vette.

There were incredible rods everywhere you turned.

Family fun.
Hanging out telling tales.
Smile big!
Hello young man.

Talking with friends while hanging with the KLOS Cool Patrol.

REAL old school!
Classic tri-power.
Old school.

Old school rocked!

Paul Michael Glaser w/Unc.

Paul Michael Glaser of "Starsky & Hutch" hanging w/Unc.

Tom Gloy's Speed Racer

Tom Gloy's beautiful Speed Racer.

A true classic.

Nothing but the best filled five halls and all the courtyards around them.

Another hot rod Lincoln.

Gotta have a V12 Hot Rod Lincoln!

Inside of Joe's new car.

Inside Joe's new car.

Not quite finished.

Closer to what Joe can afford.

Great rim/white wall.

It's in the details!

Red mystery car.
Red mystery car door.

Don't know what it is, but want one!

Jeff Styles w/striped pretty lady.

How world class pin stripers like Jeff Styles keep in practice.

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