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Uncle Joe Benson rocks the 2011 NHRA Winternationals!

February 26-28, 2011: Yes it rained and snowed and hailed... and yes, Uncle Joe's drag race against KLOS listener Jeff Kentner at the 51st Kragen/O'Reilly Auto Parts NHRA Winternationals at the Auto Club Raceway in Pomona got canceled by the weather. Bummer! But Unc did make the scene at the "Snake Pit" with Don 'The Snake' Prudhomme and his classic race cars and did Meet & Greets with the KLOS Cool Patrol on both Saturday and Sunday. And yes, Randy Balough raced his Uncle Joe's Super Gas Corvette into the Winternationals third round of eliminations on Monday. What a weekend indeed!

(Photos by Jim Sleeper & Jan Benson.)

North view of midway on a chilly Winter morning!
Wide shot in the rain.
Snow on the ground.

Rain, snow and hail couldn't stop the NHRA's 60th anniversary at the 51st NHRA Winternationals!

Hanging with Roland Leong & Don Prudhomme.

Legendary crew chief Roland Leong, J.B. and Don 'The Snake' Prudhomme.

Lining up for the Meet & Greet.
Some of The Snake's historic cars.
The Super Shelby Top Fueler.

J.B. celebrated the NHRA's 60th anniversary by co-hosting the "Snake Pit" exhibition of Don Prudhomme's historic race cars.

John Force.
Del Worsham.
Pomona Mayor Elliott.

Hanging with John Force, Del Worsham and Pomona Mayor Elliott Rothman

Pop & son looking closely.
Discussing it all.
Posing with a Vet.
Then she said...

Joe and Randy Balough have a blast doing Meet & Greets with the KLOS Cool Patrol!

Hanging with the NHRA Announcer Boys.

Hanging with the most excellent NHRA Announcer Boys.

Jon Schultz & J.B

Jon Schultz of the Beach Cites Mustang Club and J.B. reminisce.

Guys looking as Taylor talks.
Then the guy said...
Randy points at Kelly.
Signing a shirt.

Having fun telling stories.

Posing with Joe.
Xmas card photo!

Two Joes posing with Randy, and the cast of "Glee!" stops by to sing (or something).

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