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Uncle Joe Benson at work & play at the California Speedway NASCAR race - September 2006.

Since its opening in 1997, Joe Benson has been the voice of the California Speedway. In that role, he handles various master of ceremonies duties, as well as play-by-play announcing.

September 1 - 3, 2006: Labor Day weekend is always hot in Fontana, with daytime temperatures over 100 degrees and great racing on the California Speedway. J.B. began the weekend with a broadcast of his Friday afternoon KLOS show from the big stage in the brand new Fan Zone. Then Unc worked his way through the weekend as the Fan Zone's Master of Ceremonies, emceeing concert performances and doing interviews in the daylight hours, then switching to calling the races from the announcers' booth with Jim Mueller and Mike Paz after dark. Along the way were interviews with top NASCAR stars like Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch, TV stars like Marcia Cross of "Desperate Housewives" and Jim Belushi of "According To Jim," numerous musicians and thousands of fans. A hot weekend indeed!

(Photos by Jan Benson & Jim Sleeper.)

Wide shot of big stage before KLOS broadcast.

Ready to broadcast from the main stage in the California Speedway Fan Zone.

Unc howling into the wind.
Doing a double take on her Unc.
Dancers going wild!
J.B. playing with worst dancer in the world.

J.B. rocking into the wind, causing double takes,
encouraging dancers (before the sheriff deputies showed up!)
and goofing with fans on the air.

Talking w/fans.
J.B. signing and talking.
Signing a dude's back.

Unc talking and playing with fans.

This is fun!
J.B. interviewing Kyle Busch.
Bare feet in cement!

Saturday's induction of Kyle Busch into the
California Speedway Walk Of Fame saw him
become the first to put his bare feet in the cement!

Unc working the crowd.
J.B. & Jimmie Johnson on stage.
rear view of Unc interviewing Jimmie Johnson.

Sunday afternoon, famed Southern California driver Jimmie Johnson
joined J.B. on the big stage.

Unc signs autographs at Cool Patrol booth.
Unc signs autographs at Cool Patrol booth.
Signing for a young lady.

Unc met folks and signed autographs
at the KLOS Cool Patrol booth
throughout the weekend.

J.B. interviewing Julie Roberts
J.B. interviewing Crossfade.

Having fun with country star Julie Roberts and
the rockin' Crossfade guys.

Puddle Of Mud on stage.
A damn big crowd.

Puddle Of Mudd kept Sunday afternoon hopping!

start of '06 Sony HD 500.

Off and running in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Sony HD 500!

Mike Paz & J.B. in booth.

With fellow announcer Jim Mueller roaming the infield,
famed play-by-play man Mike Paz and Unc take
a momentary break from calling the Sony HD 500.


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